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Deportation and termination of your stay in Germany

Your asylum process in Germany is over. Germany wants you to leave the country. If you do not, Germany will deport you. Therefore, plan your next steps. Inform yourself. Do not let yourself be rushed into anything. There are advice offices which can help you. If you want to leave the country or have no other option, speak to a repatriation advice office.

The repatriation advice office

If you want to leave Germany or have no other option, ask a repatriation advice office. A repatriation advice office will inform you about the next steps. Sometimes a repatriation advice office can also give you money for your journey. The website integplan.de has a list of repatriation advice offices. Sometimes, the Ausländerbehörden try to put pressure on people to leave Germany. In such cases, speak to an independent advice office.

Voluntary return

A „voluntary return“ to your home country is often better than a deportation.
- Germany pays for your travel costs
- sometimes you get some money. Ask the repatriation advice office.
- often you will get no Wiedereinreisesperre for Germany, or only a short one. Ask the repatriation advice office.
Tell the immigration authority that you are plannng your return. Then the immigration authority will not deport you.


You will not be told in advance when you are going to be deported.
On the website aktionbleiberecht.de you can find important information regarding deportation.
If you are deported, you are given a stamp in your ID dodument. You are given a re-entry ban for several years. Before you are allowed to re-enter Germany, you have to pay the cost of your deportation. If you are severely ill or in hospital, then in some cases you cannot be deported.
If the police take money off you, you have to be given a receipt. Tell the police that you want a receipt. It is best to call friends if you are being deported.
In a plane, the pilot decides whether or not he is going to fly. If you do not want to be deported, make it clear. Maybe the pilot or other passengers will help you. On the websites nodeportation.antira.info and w2eu.info und Oplatz you can find more information.
In many cities, there are people who will support you if you do not want to be deported. Ask an advice office about these people.

Consequences of going into hiding

If you are not at home when you are supposed to be deported, the police will probably try to deport you again. Ask an advice office.
Sometimes you will get no more money. In some cases, the police can arrest you. In the worst case, you may have to stay in a deportation prison until your deportation. Ask an advice office or a lawyer.


If you are living in Germany within a valid document, Germany calls this being here illegally. You will not get any more money. Often you will not get money to treat illnesses. For such cases, there are Medinetze which support those in this situation.

Doctors, advice offices, do not have to report you to the police. Look for support. Life without papers is very difficult and often offers no perspective.

More information

You can get more imformation on the website w2eu. This information is in Arabic, English, Farsi and French.