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Everyday life and free time

There is a lot of help available for everyday life in Germany. One example is the RefugeeGuide. The RefugeeGuide is available in 17 languages. It contains information about everyday life and living together in Germany.
Ask volunteers or an advice office about what you can do in the place where you live.


In Germany, there is freedom of religion. This means that only you decide which religion you follow, or not to follow any religion. You will find places of worship of various faiths almost everywhere. Ask an advice office whether there is a community of your faith nearby. There are many different currents and groups within the various religions. It is important that you inform yourself about religious groups – through converstations with other people and research on the internet – before making the decision to join them. Unfortunately, some religious groups try to use people for their own aims. Some promise refugees advantages – for example in the asylum process – in return for joining them. Therefore, please inform yourself in advance and be careful if you have the feeling that someone is putting you under pressure to join a particular group.