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Information for people from "safe countries of origin"

The German government thinks that your home country is safe. Many people in Germany have a different opinion and believe you when you say you have good reasons to leave your country.
If you are from a a country which Germany regards as "safe", then you have to proof that it is unsafe for you. This is difficult.

These countries are „safe countries of origin“

At the moment, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ghana, Macedonia, Montenegro, Senegal, Serbia and Kosovo are „safe countries of origin“. This can change. In the asylum act (Asylgesetz) you can see which countries are currently on the list.

Anhörung (hearing)

The hearing The interview is very important. Prepare yourself well. There is a brochure on the website asyl.net and a film on the website asylindeutschland.de to allow you to prepare for the interview. Ask an advice office and tell them that you need help for your interview.
You have to „prove“ that you are being persecuted. Germany thinks that nobody is persecuted in your home country. Take care to mention all of your reasons for leaving your country! You cannot be deported before you get a letter with the rejection of your asylum application.

The rejection

Your application will probably be rejected as „manifestly unfounded“ (offensichtlich unbegründet) If you want to appeal, you have to also make an application for delaying effect. On the website aktiv.fluechtlingsrat-bw.de there is a template for the appeal and the application for delaying effect. You need a lawyer. Speak to an advice office about whether or not it is worthwhile to spend money on a lawyer.
You only have a chance if your case is exceptional.

Special laws

In Germany, there are laws which only apply to people from „safe countries of origin“ whose applications have been rejected.

Employment ban
If your claim has been rejected, you are banned from working. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about this. If you made your asylum application after August 31st 2015, you are also banned from working during your asylum process.

Language courses
Some language courses are only for certain groups of refugees.

You probably have to stay in the reception facility (Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung, EA). You may also be sent to a so-called EAE.

Restriction of movement
If you are in the EA or the EAE, you are not allowed to leave the district. If you leave the district, you will be punished. If you are living in an EAE, the punishment is particularly severe. For further information about the restriction of movement in the EA ask an advice office[Verlinkung in Kapitel 16].


The laws in Germany are very tough for you. Very soon, you have to start thinking about what perspectives you have. Look at the chapters about After the rejection of the Asyl-Antrag – legal options and further perspectives and Deportation and termination of your stay in Germany for information about your options. On the website aktionbleiberecht.de you will find important information regarding deportations. If you want to go back to your home country or have no other possibility, go to a repatriation advice office -Stelle.

Work visa
If you are from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro or Serbia, you may be able to get a work visa more easily than some others. But it is complicated and only possible in rare cases. You have find an employer who will give you a good employment contract. You can only get a work visa if you have not received asylum seeker benefits (Asylbewerberleistungen) or 24 months. You can find more information on the website of the Refugee Council of Baden-Württemberg.
Ask an advice office.
Sometimes the immigration authority will say that it is easy to come back to Germany. Often it is very difficult.